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Mobile heating for large construction sites
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Mobile heating for large construction sites

High-performance heating units from Trotec ensure construction progress on schedule for the construction of dams and tunnel projects

Heating solutions from Trotec – proven on large construction sites

The global electricity demand is increasing rapidly. At the same time, an increasing number of countries are trying to reduce the utilisation of fossil fuels and rely on green energy of modern hydroelectric power plants instead. About 16 percent of the global electricity demand are already generated from hydropower and thousands of further dams are being planned. For the construction of these plants, planners and construction companies rely on individually designed heating solutions from Trotec to ensure a smooth construction progress and prevent weather-related work stoppages.

With Trotec heating solutions the energy transition will succeed: Rogun dam

According to estimates, worldwide there are 45,000 to 60,000 of large dams with a water volume that exceeds 3 million cubic metres of impounded water – and this number is increasing. The dam wall of Central Asia's highest hydropower plant in Rogun will be about 335 metres high when the mega project is completed in 2033 with the technical assistance of Trotec. The hydropower plant is constructed at the River Vakhsh in the Pamir, a high mountain region in Central Asia. It is planned that the power plant with a capacity of 3,600 MW (roughly equivalent to the output of three nuclear power plants) will double Tajikistan's current energy production.

During the implementation of the dam project, extremely robust high-performance heating units from Trotec are used, which have been specially developed for large-scale heating scenarios even in the harshest environmental conditions.

TROTEC CASE STUDY: Trotec's heating units ensure compliance with construction progress on schedule

Trotec heating units ensure construction progress on schedule for the construction of the world's tallest dam

The high-performance TEH 300 electric heating units developed and produced by Trotec in Germany provide clean heat on the large construction site of the Rogun Dam in Tajikistan (Central Asia).
Read the Case Study here:

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Challenges with regard to the construction of dams and tunnels

Hydropower offers an efficient possibility of generating energy and storing water for dry periods. However, the construction of a corresponding hydroelectric power plant is complex due to the topography and brings about various challenges and risks. The construction process requires careful planning and selection of logistics and machinery. Due to the huge size, tight schedules and increasing cost pressure, the construction of dam projects often takes place without a winter break. Work continues even at freezing temperatures and in wintry conditions. 

A huge challenge for planners and engineers:

  • The concrete has to be heated correspondingly so that a reliable setting process can be ensured.
  • In order to proceed with the construction of the hydropower plant as scheduled, despite winter temperatures and sub-zero temperatures, and also to ensure the circulation of the support slurry made of water, the facilities for producing the slurry must be heated correspondingly.

Whether you require them to accelerate drying times, to meet completion dates, as a means of protection against frost damage or to prevent rent losses − where effective mobile heating solutions for civil engineering are concerned, construction companies and planners can completely rely on the economical electric heating units from Trotec. 

With a heating capacity of up to 120 kW, Trotec’s electric heating units of the TEH series generate up to 9,000 cubic metres of hot air per hour. This heat is available immediately and can be transported to the desired location by means of hot air hoses over distances of up to 100 metres. 

For civil engineering and tunnel work on the dam project the electric heating units of the TEH series score with their clean electric heat which is provided 100 % emission-free. When using these electric heating units, additional ventilation ducts or systems for the removal of combustion gases are not required. In the rough environment of construction site conditions, the TEH heating units also impress with their sophisticated design which ensures low-maintenance operation even in the harshest climate. Set it up, install it, switch it on – and benefit immediately from hot large air volumes and constant ambient temperatures

Why heating solutions from Trotec pay off when it comes to the construction of dams and tunnels:

  • 24/7 construction activity and rapid construction progress – even in winter temperatures, snow or frost. 
  • Maintaining the water circulation of the suspension fluid – even at minus temperatures.

Whether they are used for tunnel construction, channel construction or comparable construction projects. Mobile and stationary heating solutions from Trotec are almost infinitely scalable. However high your heat demand on the construction site is – with high-performance heating units of the TEH series there are no limits to the heat supply for working according to schedule without any work stoppage.

High-performance electric heating unit TEH 300

  • Professional quality "Made in Germany"
  • originally produced by Trotec
  • 80 kW heating capacity
  • Air flow rate max. 6,000 m³/h at 600 Pa
  • Reliable, portable "Plug & Play" solution: Just set it up, install it, switch it on – all done!
  • Electronically controlled multi-stage switching for air volume and temperature
  • Suitable for air transport distances of 100 metres hose length
  • Stackable construction
  • Equipped as standard with shock protection frame, crane lugs, forklift slots and transport wheels with parking brakes
  • Optionally also available as special models for use in certain ex-proof zones

Make use of our best practice industrial services

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In order to precisely calculate the demand in the industry and to develop tailor-made concepts for climate conditioning experienced climate specialists are needed. Rely on our team of experts as well as the industrial services: We analyse the individual requirement situation with you present on site, determine the specific demand for devices and develop a tailor-made project solution right up to the exact positioning of the devices.

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Make use of Trotec's best practice industrial services

Since every industrial undertaking has characteristic process flows, installations and facilities, every air treatment solution demands case-specific device configurations. All in all, the combined effects of air currents, humidity conditions and temperature fluctuations are often hard to calculate on a purely theoretical basis, e.g. in airlock areas or on conveying paths. The consequence: Unnecessary additional costs due to an overestimated demand or – even worse – solutions not working sufficiently in real life.

Products for heating large construction sites

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