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Measuring devices from Trotec for cable and route detection and localisation
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Measuring devices from Trotec for cable and route detection and localisation

The multifunctional locating devices from Trotec simplify the work and provide precise statements on the working environment at the push of a button

Look behind the scenes and find out what is concealed underneath the exterior or in the ground. With the practical and multifunctional measuring devices from Trotec you can locate the hidden pipe underneath a deep layer of plaster, gypsum or concrete. Besides, you'll be able to detect underground or concealed water or gas pipes, telecommunication or power cables and other live supply lines as well as metal objects.

Wall scanners of the BI series
Pipe detector SR-24

Protect against drilling damage and accidents: Wall scanners of the BI series

With the extremely convenient wall scanners BI15 and BI20 you save time and nerves and provide for more safety when drilling in the installation area. The handy universal locating devices detect iron, wood but also live wires underneath plaster, gypsum or concrete up to depths of 50 mm. The devices raise the alarm once they detect dangerous alternating currents. Experienced craftsmen are familiar with the dangers of pipes laid all over the place. Before the introduction of installation zones according to DIN 18015, live cables were laid as desired to save material and reduce the installation distance. These installations come to light again and again when renovating old buildings. Without clarifying the installation conditions before, drilling can have dire consequences. Do it better. All it takes is one push of the button of the BI15 or BI20 and you'll be immediately aware of the condition of the wall to be worked on.

Ideally suited for assembly or renovation work and a safe protection against the unpleasant consequences of tapped water or electrical lines.

Locates underground pipelines: Pipe detector SR-24

If underground or concealed supply lines need to be detected, there is no way around the professional pipe detector SR-24 that comes with a GPS and Bluetooth function. Be it water or gas pipes, power or telecommunication lines, thanks to the special 3D antenna technology, the SR-24 allows to perform inductive and passive pipe detections from every position and direction – even mapped in real-time via your smartphone app. This easy way of detection protects against line damage and optimises the use of earthmoving equipment.

Seektech transmitter for active pipe detection

Combine the SR-24 with our SeekTech transmitter ST-510 for active line detection. In doing so, the signals can be transferred to underground metal pipes or cables. If required, the cables can be extended using two supply lines of 15 m length.

Ideally suited for plumbing and heating companies, pipe and drain cleaning companies as well as companies operating in underground and road construction.

Magnetometer MD200
LTC and LTS positioning systems

Locates covered metals: Magnetometer MD200

The magnetometer enables quick and reliable detection of metallic objects in the ground. MD200 of the MultiMeasure Professional series. The handy measuring device can reliably locate ferromagnetic objects down to a depth of three metres and indicate the proximity as a number and a bar graph when approached.

It is not always obvious what is situated in the soil, under the road surface, under a water surface or under the snow cover. Whether it is about detecting underground hydrants, covered valve caps, slide rods, metallic manhole and tank covers as well as marking nails or magnets – what can usually be detected only by means of complex measurements or surveys or excavations simply becomes visible with the MD200.

Universally applicable for the reliable localisation of ferromagnetic objects in the ground – even in blazing heat, bitter cold, snow or rain.

Locating pinpoints and routes in non-metallic pipes: LTC and LTS positioning systems

For underground construction work, the position and route of pipes and conduits is not always known or explicitly documented. This often leads to significant damage to cables and pipes during excavation, which brings about considerable repair costs. When using our LTS positioning system, finding non-metallic pipes is made much simpler.

Ideally suited for all areas of underground construction work, e.g. fresh and waste water piping, cable lying, drainage and landfill work.

When routes have to be traced or pipe blockages and obstructions have to be traced in domestic installations, homeowners and installation professionals rely on the tried and tested positioning systems LTC3020LTC3030 and LTC3050 of the LTC series. Even in places where other pull tools have failed, the LTC system surmounts angular routes without problems, even in pipe systems with cables and distances of up to 50 metres.

Ideally suited for all domestic installation work, cable laying work and for locating pipe blockages.