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Reliable measuring instruments for the determination and storage of environmental data and air quality information.

Handy, robust and precise: These attributes characterize the climate measuring devices and climate data loggers made by Trotec. Within seconds, this sensitive sensor system supplies climate parameters such as relative humidity, temperature and dew point. The climate measuring devices are extremely versatile: they can be applied for measurements in living and offices spaces, production and storage facilities, in laboratories, agriculture or at the florist's.

Using climate measuring devices

The right temperature plus an agreeable humidity level make for a feel-good climate. This should work out in every household, office or commercial area. The mobile climate measuring devices from Trotec ensure exact climate control. The precise data supplied by the climate measuring devices provide perfect working conditions – consequently, you can preserve the perfect climate for humans, animals and valuable objects.

Monitored by means of the climate data logger

Long-term monitoring of temperature and humidity is often required in sensitive areas or when handling valuable goods. The climate data loggers from Trotec reliably record important climate data over longer periods of time. Using the supplied software, the climate data can be analysed and saved without difficulty. Simply safe!