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The best climate – measure it by yourself!

Create your own feel-good climate. With a handy thermohygrometer from Trotec you can always keep an eye on the room temperature and humidity level!

The relation of temperature and relative humidity is decisive for a feel-good climate – whether for humans, animals, furniture or technical equipment. Room air which is too dry, for example, often causes irritation of the airways. Excessive humidity, however, damages the interior and promotes mould growth. Metal may start to rust. It is up to you to create a balanced climate in your rooms in order to protect your health and the health of your staff as well as your belongings. The precise thermohygrometers from Trotec help you to reach the ideal air conditions.

In living spaces, offices, warehouses and laboratories, the mobile climate measuring instruments track down temperature and humidity values. Depending on the type of instrument, you can perform a basic measurement, e. g. with the BC06 thermohygrometer, but also complex calculations, for example with the T210 thermohygrometer. In any case, the tried and tested Trotec technology stands for precise results combined with an easy handling. With only one device, which can easily be carried around, you can measure the temperature and relative humidity. For professional deployment, some models also offer specific measurement possibilities: the integrated precision sensors allow for a quick and reliable determination of the air and dew point temperature as well as the relative, absolute and a specific humidity level.

For permanent application in the field of room climate monitoring we offer you the BZ05 room thermohygrometer in timelessly elegant design – with an integrated feel-good indication! The BZ25 CO2 air quality monitor complements the selection of professional climate measuring technology.