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ComfortAir. Take a breath of health.
ComfortAir. Take a breath of health.
ComfortAir. Take a breath of health.
ComfortAir. Take a breath of health.
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ComfortAir. Take a breath of health.

With the room air experts from TROTEC. AT HOME.

You take a breath. We do the rest.

Treat your air with care. And your air will reward it. For your health. For your well-being. For a relaxed and most of all thoroughly clean breathing feeling. And of course for a perfectly protected living climate. Because air is not just air. It can be too humid. Or too dry. The optimal humidity level for you, your family, your own four walls and your valuables lies between 40 % and 60 %. If the humidity drops to below 40 %, it will irritate your mucous membranes and eyes. This may lead to colds and a weakened immune defence.

If the humidity level increases – you know what will happen. Mould and moist window panes are the visible consequences. The mould spores that you breathe in, however, are invisible. Just like mites, which feel particularly comfortable at a room humidity level above 60 %. This stresses your airways and can promote allergies and asthma. Protect yourself and your home – pay attention to an ideal humidity level. Or indulge your air with a gentle wellness treatment using the air washers from TROTEC. AT HOME. Fresh air, without stressing the airways. And free from annoying smells. Because air is not just air. The experts from TROTEC. AT HOME. are pleased to give you advice.

Trotec's air cleaners utilize the latest filter technologies and improve the room air with their high-quality HEPA filter technology. At the workplace and at home the air cleaners minimize the air pollution in form of house dust and fine particulates, bacteria and airborne viruses. The exposure to pollutants, allergens and pollen is reduced and unpleasant odours are eliminated.

Healthy air.

  • Perfect technological solutions for all room air problems.  
  • Dehumidification, humidification, air purification.
  • Health promotion and remedy for allergies or asthma.  
  • Protection of the valuable living environment against mould, rust and any kind of moisture damage. 

The ComfortAir products at a glance. Dehumidify, clean, wash or humidify your room air.

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