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Air washers of the AW-S series

3-in-1 comfort devices for combined air purification and humidification

Healthy room climate at the push of a button

Each day, we take almost 18,000 breaths and breathe in about 8,000 litres of air in interior spaces, where the usually dry room air often contains ten times more pollutants than fresh air from outside.

Therefore it is perfectly obvious that unpleasant consequences will not be long in coming, for example dry mucous membranes, irritated eyes and a generally increased risk of infection.

And not only persons suffer from such conditions; too dry air also puts a strain on furniture, plants, parquet floors and musical instruments.

Good design. Good air.

With our compact air washers AW 10 S and AW 20 S you can bring healthy room air easily and conveniently right into your home.

Once commissioned, the air washers immediately generate perceptibly clean, pleasantly humidified air. Additionally, the room air is effectively cleaned and reliably freed from pollen, dust and animal hair – ideal for allergy sufferers. Moreover, both air washers reduce odours and electrostatic charges.

Air purification and humidification in one device – effective functional principle

The air washers of Trotec's AW-S series guide the sucked-in air past rotating humidifier disks, where it absorbs water molecules, while dirt particles such as pollen, animal hair and house dust cling to the disk and are bound in the water reservoir.

The water molecules are absorbed by self-regulating cold evaporation ensuring optimum humidity values. Before emerging into the room the air is additionally ionised on a natural basis, whereby contaminants are neutralized and odours reduced. With the AW 20 S a HEPA filtration of the humidified air is effected optionally – depending on the selected operating mode.

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