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Domestic water supply systems: protecting the environment by saving water and resources

At a time in which ever-increasing costs have become perfectly normal for us here's a piece of good news: we offer you a permanent way of saving money in the future. The solution is to become partially independent of the public water network with your very own service water supply. With a well, cistern or else a body of standing or flowing water on your property you have the perfect conditions.

All you need now is a domestic water supply system that reliably pumps up the cheap service water from the alternative source into your piping system. With a suitable model supplied by Trotec you will soon be able to use the cheap water for your washing machine, toilet flushing or an irrigation system for your front yard or kitchen garden. Even complex sprinkler systems can easily be supplied with water by use of a domestic water supply system.

Since rainwater contains less lime than the drinking water from the tap, the risk of calcification is reduced so appliances like your washing machine can have a longer service life.

Domestic water supply systems from Trotec

The powerful 1,000 W domestic water supply system TGP 1025 E from Trotec satisfies even extreme requirements and fully automatically pumps up to 3,300 litres of water per hour into your home. This water is then used for the operation of washing machines, for flushing the toilet and for garden irrigation systems. The integrated compensation tank keeps the system pressure at an invariably high level and the pressure tank with a capacity of 19 litres ensures the energy-saving operation of the pump. It permits many small water withdrawals without the pump having to start up again each time. For example: when somebody flushes the toilet, the pressure switch recognizes this and supplies the required water quantity. At a maximum water temperature of 35 °C the domestic water supply system guarantees maintenance-free operation. Several consumption points can be connected without difficulty.

What distinguishes our domestic water supply systems?

A domestic water supply system from Trotec is a self-sufficient water supply system utilizing service water from alternative sources. Water is pumped from various reservoirs such as wells or water bodies and fed into your domestic water network. For use strictly as service water you can also extract rainwater from a cistern. Domestic water supply systems are mainly used to save expensive tap water.

Domestic water supply systems from Trotec consist of:

  • a powerful and durable pump with thermal protection circuit
  • a large pressure tank with two chambers (gas and water)
  • a clearly legible pressure gauge for pressure indication

When is it reasonable to use a domestic water supply system?

Domestic water supply systems are ideally suited for brief withdrawals of small water volumes intended for use in your home or garden, e.g. for flushing the toilet or the operation of a washing machine or lawn sprinkler. If the domestic water supply system is intended to be used as self-priming pump, it should ideally be positioned directly beside the source. Through a suction hose the water can be pumped up e.g. from a well of rainwater.


Our recommendation:

If the intended application purpose is merely to water a garden using service or rainwater, a garden pump such as Trotec's TGP 1000 E makes for a better solution.

One domestic water supply system, many advantages:

  • Need-based, energy-saving operation
  • Environmentally friendly and resource-sparing 
  • Independent water supply
  • Inexpensive water supply for toilet, washing machine and garden
  • Long-term savings as compared to public utilities
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy on washing machines

Operating principle of a domestic water supply system


The domestic water supply system TGP 1025 E from Trotec impresses with its high-grade materials and excellent workmanship. The maintenance-free aluminium winding motor features a high corrosion resistance, the pump housing is made of impact-resistant plastic and splash-proof from all directions (IPX4) and the thermal protection circuit protects the pump against overheating. An advantageous face seal and robust metal threads on the suction and pressure side complete the list of high-end components. They also guarantee an extra-long lifetime. With the TGP 1025 E you are purchasing a Trotec product of TÜV-tested brand quality at an excellent value-for-money ratio.

Pressure tank

An equally distinguishing and fundamental component of a domestic water supply system is the pressure tank. It contains two chambers, one filled with gas, the other with water. The two sections are separated by a diaphragm. Water streaming into the water chamber causes the diaphragm to extend into the gas-filled section, which increases the pressure in that chamber. When reaching the preset pressure value, the pump automatically switches off. When water is withdrawn, the gas expands again up to a defined minimum value. Reaching this value triggers the starting of the pump.

Pump capacity

In general, the domestic water supply system's capacity should match the individual requirements. A high wattage does not necessary correspond to a better bump. However, the higher the requirements to be met by the domestic water supply system and the more extraction points to be integrated into the water system, the higher should the capacity be dimensioned. With 1,000 watts of power the Trotec domestic water supply system TGP 1025 E is optimally prepared for multiple consumption points.

Flow rate

The flow rate indicates how many litres of water can be conveyed by the domestic water supply system per hour. Hence, it is key factor for the purchase decision. The TGP 1025 E comes with a remarkable flow rate of up to max. 3,300 litres per hour.

Delivery head

A domestic water supply system's delivery head states the value for the maximum height difference between the water surface (e.g. in a well) and the point of withdrawal. For this reason you ought to precisely measure the minimum distance to be covered by the pumped water and to carefully compare the determined value to the pump's performance data before you purchase a given domestic water supply system. The domestic water supply system TGP 1025 E from Trotec manages a maximum delivery head of 30 metres.

Feed pressure

The maximum feed pressure is directly linked to the maximum delivery head. The rule of thumb for water: 1 bar corresponds approximately to a delivery head of 10 metres. That is why the TGP 1025 E can build up approx. 3 bar of pressure.

Suction head

The suction head or suction height denotes the height difference between the domestic water supply system and the water surface of the source from which water is withdrawn (well, cistern, body of water). This means: With a maximum suction head of 7 metres (as is the case for the TGP 1025 E) the pump must not be situated more than 7 metres above the water source. Given a greater height difference, the pump fails to suck up the water.

Pressure gauge

For the purpose of pressure control the domestic water supply system comes equipped with a pressure gauge that provides the necessary overview.


Tip: If there is a suction height you need to take into account for your chosen application site, we recommend purchasing a deep well pump, e.g. of the TDP series. Further information can be found here.

Deep well pump TDP 5500 E
Deep well pump TDP 7500 E

Better safe than sorry: winterproof!

If you don't use the domestic water supply system all year round, you should consider storing it in a basement or shed during the months of winter. What should be observed is that the pump housing needs to be drained completely before storing so as to prevent potential frost damage. For this purpose the TGP 1025 E is fitted with a water drain screw through which the water can easily be discharged.

Delivery heads and flow rates of our domestic water supply system TGP 1025 E:

Trotec garden pumps – high performance with a low price

Of the safe, reliable and durable pumps we offer one will certainly be suitable for the watering requirements of your garden. After all, the name Trotec stands for tailor-made solutions, premium brand quality and an excellent value-for-money ratio.

Best quality guarantee

With domestic water supply systems from Trotec you are always on the safe side, for this system is supplied in TÜV-tested quality, thus guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality.

Tested for safety, TÜV GS ID 1419063261