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Application solutions for photovoltaic installations:

Simple & inexpensive: professional measurement technology for homeowners and electricians.

How can you as owner secure the return of your solar power system? How can you forestall sources of fire? How can you as photovoltaic installer protect yourself against expensive recourse claims – and maybe even secure an additional business? By using technically highly sophisticated measurement technology. Find out more:

For homeowners

Application solution

Why your photovoltaic installation should undergo regular inspections and how thermography can be of help...

Which infrared camera to use?

Application solution

To carry out reliable inspections of photovoltaic installation infrared cameras have to come with very specific properties. Here you can find out which...

For electricians, solar installers

Application solution

You are being accused of having damaged a roof during the installation of a solar power system? You want to make sure that the solar collector works flawlessly after installation? Solutions for your individual requirements...

Fire prevention using measurement technology

Application solution

Lately there have been a number of reports regarding potential fire hazards emanating from photovoltaic installations. They speak of incorrect installation, the issue of arcing and also about the fact that the return of solar collectors is generally in jeopardy...

Live fault diagnosis

Application solution

Which potential defects of photovoltaic installations you can detect by yourself and which infrared cameras are particularly suited for this...

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