Air transport hoses
Air transport hoses
Air transport hoses

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Air transport hoses

Tronect®brand quality for the industry, agricultural and building sector as well as event engineering

Air flow in the industry, in the building sector and agriculture as well as for event technology are our daily business. Here you can rely on uncompromising Trotec brand quality with ventilation hoses and components.

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No matter if ventilation, heating, drying, air conditioning or suction – every system is only as efficient as its weakest link in the chain of used components.

Therefore, do not compromise when selecting your air ducting systems but instead put your trust in the brand quality of premium-quality fan hoses of the Tronect® series.

A few practical benefits:

  • Spiral-reinforced fan hoses for professional applications
  • Light and highly flexible
  • Kink-proof and guaranteeing tensile strength
  • Tronect® brand-name quality products made off premium-quality materials
  • Durable with a long service life
  • Available with many different diameters