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Construction site heating solutions
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Construction site heating solutions

Winter construction heating is reasonable and economical. At TKL you're provided with the suitable heating devices – for rental or for purchase.

Whether you wish to speed up drying periods in order to comply with completion dates or as a protection against frost damage − where effective mobile heating solutions in construction shells are concerned you can fully rely on the rental and purchase service offered by TKL! 

In the following we'll inform you about the numerous advantages of the winter construction site heating and present you our large selection of heating devices.

Why is a winter construction site heating reasonable?

Stay on schedule – even in winter

While many construction companies had to close during the winter months in the past, today work continues almost throughout the year. Building freezes caused by the weather now only occur under extreme circumstances. And this is happening for a good reason: Time delays in the execution of construction work sometimes bring about production interruptions, losses of rent, warranty claims and contractual penalties – considerable additional costs, exceeded budgets and losses of revenue are the consequences. Apart from the fact that time schedules and deadlines for the subsequent work activities by other trades possibly can no longer be complied with due to humidity or coldness in the building and therefore further construction delays are very probable. Whether for new buildings or refurbishments, for single-family homes or large construction sites of all kinds – at TKL we offer the right heating solution for all project sizes.

Oil heater ID 800

Avoid costly consequential damages by drying out buildings too early

A construction site heating is not only reasonable to ensure continuous progress during the building process in winter, but also to avoid potential deficiencies the subsequent correction of which would be far more expensive. Since several hundred litres of water are "built into" a house together with concrete, screed, masonry and plaster. Due to the high deadline pressure and increasingly shorter construction periods, the humidity brought into the building structure in the course of the construction project can no longer be completely dried out in a natural way.

Without a professional construction site heating this residual humidity produces unpleasant mould stains or provides the perfect hotbed for moulds that are hazardous to health. Sometimes they only tend to appear in a later construction construction phase. In the worst case only when the soil has already been laid or the walls have already been insulated and plastered. Deficiencies that can be attributed to humidity upon completion and hand-over to the client again and again result in claims for compensation and lawsuits. Therefore do not take any risks and ensure homogeneous drying process of all construction materials produced on the basis of water by providing a sufficient indoor temperature of at least 10 °C or ideally up to 20 °C. 

A winter construction site heating saves high energy follow-up costs

Sometimes heating the construction shell is dispensed with for financial reasons. But the following is true: The use of a construction site heating all in all saves the builder high heating and energy costs, even in the medium term. With respect to the subsequent thermal insulation of the building it is important that the masonry is thoroughly dehumidified. If this does not happen, the insulation is impaired. Due to the high thermal conductivity of the structure, which is caused by moisture, the heating energy costs for the builder in the first three years can be 200 to 300 % higher than with a dry building structure! A sufficient construction site heating and drying process makes it possible to avoid these additional costs.

Frost damage is expensive – but avoidable

A winter construction site heating is even necessary if the in-house heating system is not in service yet, however, sensitive technical or functioning water connections and lines have already been installed in the house. Even one chilly night can make the pipelines burst and irreversibly damage sensitive electronic equipment. With an indoor temperature above the freezing point frost damages can be reliably prevented.

Winter construction site
TEH 100 electric heater

,At least 10 °C, better up to 20 °C

In order to speed up drying periods, e.g. of specific types of screed or interior plaster, air-based heating systems provide the perfect solution. The outside air is drawn in and warmed. By means of spiral-reinforced, heat-resistant air transport hoses the warm air is then conducted into different areas of the shell construction. Warm air can take up more water molecules than cold air and therefore drying periods can be substantially reduced. To ensure a reliable drying process, the interior of the shell should have a minimum temperature of 10 °C, ideally even of approx. 20 °C. This is the only way to make sure that the different construction materials can reliably dry out until final acceptance takes place. That's why our mobile heating systems often also perform valuable services in the transitional periods of spring and autumn.

Electric heaters or oil heaters?

Electric heaters actuated with high voltage current offer clean warm air without any exhaust gases and with a high energy efficiency. Depending on the current electricity price, however, for long-term applications this is possibly the more expensive alternative where energy costs are concerned. Modern oil heater fans, on the other hand, are often the more favourable alternative when it comes to the fuel. However, here you have to take into consideration whether the combustion waste gases can be sufficiently discharged from well-ventilated interior spaces (direct oil heaters) or whether they are already dissipated by an integrated flue pipe in the outdoor area (indirect oil heaters). Depending on the application purpose, the clever combination often leads to the best and most cost-effective result. In this chapter we have compared the different systems for you. Furthermore our consultants are happy to be at your service and determine the exact demand and the most cost-efficient solution for you. 

Do not save money in the wrong place!

The general rule is: Costs that are supposedly saved for the construction site heating are disproportionate to the imminent consequential damages and recalculations resulting therefrom, which can be generated by a missing or insufficient construction site heating. A winter construction site heating may furthermore save the construction company and the builder a lot of stress and trouble both during the construction phase and after the completion of the building.

Quick overview: Benefits of a construction site heating in winter

Practical benefits on the construction site

  • Faster and more homogeneous drying of moist construction materials such as concrete, screed, plaster and masonry
  • Provision of the necessary minimum temperatures required by many construction materials to ensure professional quality processing
  • Prevention of mould stains and subsequent mould infestation
  • Protection against frost damage in the case of housing technology installations
  • Agreeable working climate

Cost advantages for the construction company and the builder

  • No expensive building freeze caused by the weather
  • All scheduled work can be started and completed on time
  • Avoiding contractual penalties due to late completion
  • Avoiding subsequent claims for compensation by moisture damages
  • Avoiding increased heating costs for the builder after having moved in, due to poor insulation of walls that are still moist

Comparison: Which type of heating for which application

Direct oil heaters (without a flue pipe)

Direct heaters are ideally suited for the use in well-ventilated interior spaces, actually providing the whole heat that is generated (100 % performance).

In addition to heat, direct heaters (without a flue pipe) also emit combustion gases directly into the room.

For this reason, they are unsuitable for poorly ventilated, closed rooms if these rooms are used by persons or animals.

Furthermore they additionally produce approx. 1.6 kg water vapour per litre of fuel

When using direct heaters to speed up a process of construction drying, there would at worst be more moisture in the building than before!

Indirect oil heaters (with a flue pipe)

The generation of clean and dry warmth without combustion products or water vapour ending up in the room air requires the use of indirect heaters (with a flue pipe).

In the case of indirect heaters the air to be heated is completely isolated from the combustion chamber and can be guided into the corresponding rooms via tubes.

The combustion products, however, are discharged into the open air through the flue pipe.

Indirect heaters are therefore ideally suited for rooms used by persons or animals and in which ventilation is only possible to a limited extent, or when there is a fire hazard due to flammable substances.

Electric heaters

Electric heaters constitute the safest, quickest and most convenient method for unproblematic heating:

All it takes is a corresponding power connection and there is no additional handling expenditure.

Electric heaters are often used for construction projects, in marquees, storage facilities and workshops, on ships, in switching stations, stables, garages and in temporary accommodation.

Above all though they are used to assist dehumidifiers in the process of construction drying.

For the higher the room temperature, the shorter the drying periods.

How to calculate the heating capacity required:

Online calculators

With our Heating capacity calculator you can easily and conveniently calculate yourself online which heating capacity you require for your rooms.

If you prefer carrying out the calculation using a pen and paper, please find below a list of all relevant aspects for calculating the heating capacity.

Or call us under +49 2452 962-160 and we'll be happy to help you!

To the heating capacity calculator

The following information is required for calculating the heating capacity: 

1  Which room temperature is to be reached?

2  What is the current or expected outside temperature?

3  What is the total volume of the room to be heated?

4  Which average heat transfer coefficient (U-value) does the building have?

The temperature to be reached depends on the respective situation.

U-values for practical applications

The following list shows U values for the heating of a building:

Very high degree of insulation
(modern passive house standard) U = 0.2

High degree of insulation
(modern low-energy houses) U = 0.5

Good insulation
(conventional new buildings from 1984 and later) U = 1.2

Poor insulation
(old buildings) U = 3.0

No or almost no insulation at all
U = 4.0

Calculation of the heating capacity for rooms of UP TO 1,000 m³

The following formula can be used to quickly calculate the heating capacity for small rooms sized up to 1,000 m³:

Room volume (Q) x U value x temperature difference = heating capacity in kcal

Conversion factors:
1 kcal = 1.16 watts = 4 BTU / hour

Example calculation:

Room volume (Q): 1,000 m³
Poor insulation (U): 3.0
Outside temperature: -5 °C
Desired room temperature: +12 °C
Temperature difference: 17 °C

Result for this example: 
1,000 m³ x 3,0 x 17 °C = 51,000 kcal

Conversion of kcal into watts:
51,000 kcal x 1.16  = 59,160 watts

Calculation of the heating capacity for rooms FROM 1,000 m³

The diagram below can be used to quickly calculate the heating capacity for large rooms sized 1,000 m³ and more.

The values stated are guided by the capacity demand for temporary heating with normal insulation and an outside temperature of -5 °C.

Diagram for the calculation of the heating capacity

Example calculation:

In order to heat a room volume of 5,000 m³ at an average outdoor temperature of -5 °C by 17 °C to a desired room temperature of 12 °C you'll require approx. 23 watts / m³

The total heat requirement in this example calculation is therefore 5,000 x 23 W = 115,000 W = 115 kW, which corresponds to an oil heater of the type ID 500.

Calculation information: 

With a good thermal insulation 15 % of the capacity can be deducted, should it be poor, 15 % have to be added.

Calculation of the heating capacity for marquees

Depending on the floor space of the marquee and the season the following bases of calculation can be used to calculate the heating capacity for marquees:

January approx. 580 watts / m²
February approx. 580 watts / m²
March approx. 460 watts / m²
April approx. 400 watts / m²

May to September approx. 320 watts / m²
October approx. 400 watts / m²
November approx. 460 watts / m²
December approx. 580 watts / m²

Buying or renting heating devices – our recommendation

At TKL you can rent or buy – and at an especially low price!

If you need a winter heating for your existing construction shell, renting a corresponding system is possibly the best option. Because you only require the heating solution for a specific period of time and after that probably never again. It is a different matter if you, for example, because you're a building contractor, also want to carry out your work on the construction site on time and professionally in the cold and damp months. In this case purchasing individual heating systems may pay off quickly, since you can utilize them continuously and every year again. However, you should consider very carefully whether you mainly put up one and the same building type, like for example apartment buildings, or whether you rather implement different types of buildings. 

Stay flexible!

If you implement many different types of construction projects – e.g. single-family house, central warehouse, business centres or office buildings – it is important to always use a heating system dimensioned in compliance with local conditions. In this case the rental heating solution from TKL is perfect for you! Because then you're always provided with a needs-based heating solution adapted to the premises. You stay flexible and practically don't have to take care of anything: Our service technicians deliver and install the heating system on request and collect it again at the arranged date – any time and throughout Europe.

Another advantage of the rental heating for commercial customers is the fact no capital is tied up. Your financial leeway is maintained to a large extent. In addition, the whole rental costs can be directly deducted as operating expenses.

TKL offers direct oil heaters (without a flue pipe), indirect oil heaters (with a flue pipe), oil heating centres and electrically operated air heaters of all device classes with heating capacities of 2 kW to 345 kW. We'll also be happy to implement an efficient warm air system on your (large) construction site, consisting of a mobile heating centre and several air heaters, which can be distributed to different storeys within the building. Our well-assorted warehouse contains a range of more than 150,000 rental and purchase devices for you.

Your advantages at TKL

At TKL and TROTEC you'll find the suitable heating solution – from one single source

The TKL Rental Division is the rental specialist of the TROTEC Group. Whether you're renting or buying, we offer you seamless service from one single source. TROTEC manufactures and sells the devices, TKL offers them for renting. But you as our customer are provided with service from one single source – whether you refer to TROTEC or TKL. Since we manufacture our devices ourselves, you benefit from our comprehensive know-how in the field of mobile heating technology. Competence and long-standing experience with large-scale projects ensure smooth processing in any location and in every size.

Be on the safe side and go for reliability and experience. 
With the following service benefits we want to convince you in every respect:

  • Optimum consulting
    Individual, demand-oriented, price-sensitive – we want you to be satisfied!
  • Rental and purchase
    Flexible rental solution or setting up an equipment fleet – we are your partner!
  • Maximum flexibility
    We grant you short and flexible rental periods. You decide for how long you wish to keep your heating devices.
  • For private customers and companies
    We offer devices in all performance classes and for projects of any size – from short-time rental to commercial continuous heating.
  • Transparent rates 
    No hidden costs! In a first step we'll provide you with a detailed overview of the costs you'll be facing.
  • Direct availability by a high level of inventory
    Our high level of inventory of 150,000 rental and purchase appliances in all performance classes makes it possible to still carry out deliveries in the main seasons when everyone else already has to pass. At TROTEC and TKL you have access to one of the largest range of heating devices in Europe!
TKL rental service
TKL delivery throughout Europe
  • Optimum value-for-money ratio
    Our devices convince by performance and price. We offer you favourable flat rates for rental.
  • Tested device quality
    Our product portfolio is tested and maintained on the basis of strict criteria at regular intervals. Each heater is checked with regard to its full range of functional features before delivery. In this way you do not face any unexpected surprises when using the devices.
  • Installation and dismantling service
    To ensure smooth processing we safely connect all components for you on request. We also explain the operation to you. And when you've completed the project everything's quickly restored to order again.
  • Technical support
    If something doesn't work as planned, we are there to assist you! You can reach our trained specialist staff around the clock – if required, we also assist you on site.
  • 24-hour emergency service
    Whether you require emergency heating, or in the event of a device failure or events caused by extreme weather conditions – we'll help you out!
  • Refuelling service
    If required, we provide for the right and seamless fuel supply.
  • All accessories available
    From the additional tank, including extension hoses to thermostats and adapters – we offer the perfect accessories for every situation. In this way you get the best out of your heating solution.
  • Express delivery throughout Europe
    Whether you're situated in Cologne, Munich, Paris or Milan – we provide fast deliveries on schedule and with reliable, certified forwarders.
  • Collection by the customer also possible
    In our store at Heinsberg you can inspect all devices, obtain detailed information, and you're welcome to pick the devices up yourself.
  • Unlimited service – internationally excellently positioned 
    For international projects, TROTEC and TKL are nearby throughout Europe. This always provides you with a contact person that speaks your national language, is familiar with the conditions on site and takes care of everything together with you. Our network of subsidiaries and service partners is growing steadily to make sure our quick and competent on-site service is available for you regardless of the location.
Always in stores nearby!

We're happy to be of service! Your contact to TKL: Phone: +49 2452 962-160   •   E-mail:

(We're at your service on Mondays to Thursdays from 8 am to 5.30 pm and on Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm.)

Please also always use our contact form. We'll get in touch with you immediately!

Direct oil heaters

A direct oil heater is perfect for heating well-ventilated interior spaces, since the heat output generated is kept in the room to 100 %. As it isn't provided with a separate flue pipe via which the combustion gases can be discharged to the outside, it is not suitable for closed rooms used by people or animals. For construction drying a direct oil heater is not suitable either, because the combustion of 1 litre of fuel produces approx. 1.6 kg of water vapour.


Do you have any questions or are you interested in a heating device? We're happy to be of service! Your contact to TKL: Phone: +49 2452 962-160   •   E-mail:

(We're at your service on Mondays to Thursdays from 8 am to 5.30 pm and on Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm.)

Please also always use our contact form. We'll get in touch with you immediately!

Indirect oil heaters

The indirect oil heaters are ideal for the generation of dry, clean heat in rooms that can only be ventilated to a limited extent. The air to be warmed is completely separated from the combustion chamber and is transported into the rooms to be heated via tubes. Combustion gases and water vapour can be conveniently discharged into the open through the flue pipe of the indirect heaters. The devices can be utilized for drying and heating rooms that are used by people or animals.


Do you have any questions or are you interested in a heating device? We're happy to be of service! Your contact to TKL: Phone: +49 2452 962-160   •   E-mail:

(We're at your service on Mondays to Thursdays from 8 am to 5.30 pm and on Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm.)

Please also always use our contact form. We'll get in touch with you immediately!

Electric heaters

Electric heaters are ready for use in no time and their handling is extremely easy: just plug the connector into the socket – done! Therefore they are preferably used where construction projects are concerned, on ships, in party marquees, storage facilities, stables, garages and in all applications requiring quick, reliable heat. Their most common use, though, is the use as dryers on construction sites in combination with a dehumidifier.


We're happy to be of service! Your contact to TKL.

We'll be pleased to be at your service for a non-binding consultation. Our committed service team will analyze your individual requirements and offer you a tailor-made heating solution. On the basis of our long-standing experience we can always compile the optimum device combination for you – offering you the best performance at the best price. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Phone: +49 2452 962-160   •   E-mail:

(We're at your service on Monday to Thursdays from 8 am to 5.30 pm and on Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm.)

Please also always use our contact form. We'll get in touch with you immediately!

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