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Trotec offers appropriate mobile solutions for all types of heating.

The Trotec professional electric heaters are ideally suited for heating interior spaces and in doing so can be used practically anywhere. Whether in workshops, the catering trade, the agricultural or building sector: owing to their heating method electric heater fans, the electrical space heaters as well as the multi-stackable professional electric heating devices are a neat solution and predestined for uninterrupted continuous operation.

  • Heating of large construction sites

    Whether you require them to accelerate drying times, to meet completion dates, as a means of protection against frost damage or to prevent rent losses − where effective mobile heating solutions for civil engineering are concerned, construction companies and planners can completely rely on the economical electric heating units from Trotec.

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  • Defrosting and drying trains

    In the area of logistics, there is one thing, above all, that is essential: the transport has to work. This applies to all sectors. But especially in rail traffic, sub-zero temperatures often cause a standstill. This is why many companies rely on mobile defrosting units. The high-performance heating devices from Trotec allow to defrost bogies and drive motors in a short time, thus making them...

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  • Heating holiday homes

    The motto of a holiday village is: "Be prepared!". This means that the accommodation needs to be ready when guests step through the doorway and start to check in. Besides furnishing and cleaning, the temperature is equally important. Because your guests will only be comfortable and satisfied if the rooms have the right temperature. In late spring and summer, additional heating is rarely necessary....

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  • Heating gymnasiums

    Modern gyms are usually equipped with well-functioning heating systems. Ventilation systems as well as ceiling spots are among the most important equipment such a gym or event site should have. But when only a part of the gym is used for a sports class or a small group of people, it is inefficient to heat the entire sports complex. In these cases it is worth to have a mobile heating device at...

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  • Solutions for marquee and event heating applications

    Whether we're talking about heating marquees, event-locations, large-scale events or lightweight building constructions at trade fairs – to ensure that your guests and customers won't be cold, Trotec provides high-performance heating solutions for every room size. From planning to the set-up, we offer you full service from one single source on request. To make sure that you next event will also be...

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