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Vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment

Bagless cordless vacuum cleaners from Trotec: Innovative suction technology, attractive design and well thought-out functionality

VC 10-20V – characteristics
VC 10-20V – applications

High-power wet and dry vacuum cleaner for in-between cleaning

No matter which features you value the most in a cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner for thorough in-between cleaning – the innovative cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10-20V will impress you in all disciplines. As a hand-held vacuum cleaner of the latest generation, the modern VC 10-20V in ergonomically shaped Trotec design combines an extremely high suction capacity with an almost unlimited battery life – thanks to the replaceable 20 V 2 Ah Flexpower multi-device battery – and comfort features that are outstanding in this device class. 

Don't be misled by the compact size and low weight of only 1,300 grams – the handy battery-powered VC 10-20V vacuums just as powerfully and thoroughly as its larger siblings, the upright vacuum cleaners of the VC series.

Ready for use always and everywhere: cordless and immediately at hand

Crumbs on hard floors and carpets, animal hair on the couch, cat litter or road dirt on the stairs, dust inside the car or water bowls tipped over by our furry friends – there is almost nothing at home, in the office, in the camper van or in the car that the pleasantly lightweight hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10-20V cannot remove quickly and completely with its wet and dry nozzles already included in the scope of delivery. 

An all-round clean affair: hygienic container emptying and cleaning

Up to 400 ml of dry dirt or 100 ml of liquid can be collected in the easy-to-clean collection container, which is equipped with a hygienic opening mechanism – more than enough for common household dirt. With just one click on the release button, the collection container can be removed, emptied and cleaned under clear tap water. Particularly convenient: The vacuum cleaner operates without a dust bag and the integrated dust filter can also be cleaned under the tap when heavily soiled.

VC 15-20V – features
VC 15-20V – applications

Clean air and clean floors: Cordless freedom for handicraft, home and hobby applications

Make yourself independent from sockets and annoying extension cables. The high-performance cordless vacuum cleaner VC 15‑20V with Flexpower lithium-ion battery (20V/2Ah) offers maximum flexibility when it comes to extract dust and chips at the workplace, when cleaning the interior of cars, or for wet/dry vacuuming of surfaces, floors and upholstery.

Dust extraction for power tools

As an extraction system for power tools, the VC 15‑20V keeps the air and working environment clean. The cordless vacuum cleaner which can be combined with common power tools effortlessly sucks fine dust particles and chips that are ejected by the tool while drilling, grinding or milling into its 10-litre dust collection container. An integrated HEPA filter (> 89 % filter efficiency) prevents dust particles that have been sucked in from getting back into the room air and being inhaled. This protects your health and provides for a clean working environment.

Universally applicable wet/dry vacuum cleaner for floors and upholstery

In just a few simple steps and using the accessories supplied the VC 15‑20V can be converted as wet or dry vacuum cleaner for a variety of cleaning applications. From the upholstery and mattress nozzle for thorough cleaning of upholstered furniture to the crevice nozzle for cleaning the interior of cars or for extracting dust from critical areas such as joints, corners or crevices – the VC 15‑20V has everything that handymen and do-it-yourselfers expect from an all-purpose cordless vacuum cleaner. Even hard-to-reach places can be cleaned with ease thanks to the blow-out function of the VC 15‑20V. Liquids can also be easily sucked up and removed in the easy-to-clean 2.7 litre collection container.

Tip: The blow-out function is equally suitable for inflating air mattresses and other inflatable leisure items such as air beds, paddling pools or swim rings (additional adapters may be required) without any effort.

VC 1200W – properties
VC 1200W – 4-in-1

Wet/dry vacuum cleaner for cleaning applications with depth effect

The 4-in-1 spray extraction cleaner VC 1200W with its powerful suction motor of 1,200 watts is the universally applicable all-rounder for hygienic wet/dry cleaning of carpets, mattresses. upholstery, wall hangings, car seats as well as hard floor coverings (e.g. tiles, parquet or PVC). In the same way, annoying leaves and coarse dirt in outdoor areas can be blown away quickly and easily by means of the integrated blower function. Like all vacuum cleaners and cleaners from Trotec, the VC 1200W equally impresses with a high quality, attractive price and strong performance.

Fourfold power:
Spray extraction cleaner, wet cleaner, vacuum cleaner and leaf blower in one device

Whether you use it as a wet or dry vacuum cleaner, as a cleaner with spray extraction function or as a practical tool for blowing away dirt or leaves – with strong suction power and excellent cleaning efficiency the VC 1200W tackles wet and dry coarse/fine dirt on floors as well as stubborn dirt in home textiles. The stainless steel collection bag of the spray extraction cleaner can hold up to 8 litres of dry dirt (or 4.5 litres with the dust bag) or 6 litres of liquid. 

Spraying and suction in one step – drying 50 % faster:
Ideal for fibre-deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery and car seats

For the particularly thorough spray extraction cleaning, for example of mattresses, textile flooring, seating furniture, doormats or the interior of cars, the VC 1200W comes equipped with a separate, removable 3.5 litre detergent tank and a spray suction hose with a dosage button and spray nozzle attachments. Tap water with detergents is sprayed into the textile surface under high pressure, sucked off again along with the dissolved dirt in the same operation and collected in the stainless steel container. The effective Trotec spray suction nozzle technology allows you to access the cleaned surfaces 50 % faster.

PPWS 10-20V – cordless high-pressure cleaner
PPWS 10-20 V – draws water from any source

Unlimited high-pressure cleaning and garden irrigation at any location

The lightweight and extremely handy cordless high-pressure cleaner PPWS 10-20V combines maximum freedom of movement and maximum flexibility with strong cleaning performance and powerful 20 V battery power.

Who would want to do without this freedom? Cleans without electricity and water connection

Unlike conventional high-pressure cleaners, which require a power connection and only allow the connection of a garden hose, the cordless high-pressure cleaner PPWS 10-20V with 20 V Flexpower multi-device battery (2 Ah/4 Ah) makes you independent from power sockets and permanent water connections. The integrated self-priming function allows you to use alternative water sources such as buckets, rain barrels, cisterns or wells in addition to connecting a garden hose. Simply immerse the supplied suction hose with dirt filter and float in a container filled with water – done. This way, cleaning work around the house and garden can be carried out in a particularly environmentally friendly and resource-efficient way, and flower beds or gardens can be watered with free service water. The cordless PPWS 10-20V is also recommended for areas where no permanent water and power supply, such as rented allotments, garden properties or external garages without power sockets.

Six spray modes and detergent containers for countless applications

Six different cleaning jet types (water jet, gentle jet, jet angle 0°/15°/25°/40°) can be set via the 54 cm long spray lance with a practical multi-function nozzle to individually adjust the spray mode to the respective application. Included in the scope of delivery are a special attachment nozzle and a container for cleaning liquids to be used with cleaning agents, for example for cleaning particularly heavily soiled terraces, pavements, cars or bicycles.

Keeps the power conveniently under control: ergonomically shaped high-pressure gun

The beneficial flexpower multi-device battery system from Trotec puts a stop to tangled cables and limited range of motion. With the power of the 20 V Flexpower lithium-ion battery you rely on a long-lasting and constantly high cleaning performance, even when the battery is low. At the push of a button, a 3-stage battery level indication integrated in the housing displays the battery status – even if the battery is not connected to the device. With the quick charger that is included in the scope of delivery, the 20 V 2 Ah Flexpower multi-device battery will be ready for use 100 % after already 1 hour. To add even more power and endurance, the cordless high-pressure cleaner can also be equipped with the 20V-4Ah flexpower multi-device battery. It can be re-ordered easily as accessory. Besides, both rechargeable batteries (20V 2Ah/4Ah) are also easily compatible with a wide range of Trotec electric tools.

Flexpower multi-device batteries – long runtimes for the hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10-20V and other Trotec power tools


FLEXPOWER MULTI-DEVICE BATTERY 20V/2AH – included in the scope of delivery

Owing to additional power reserves this prime 20 V battery formidably outperforms its 18 V competitors. After all, a little extra power never hurts – and to make sure this power is available from start to finish without any signs of weakness the Li-ion battery employs the advanced NMC technology. This guarantees full power until the end without a drop in performance as the discharge process continues. 

Unlike standard batteries with no more than 1.5 Ah this Flexpower battery with 2 Ah permits runtimes longer by up to 33 %. And if the battery has been run down, you can use our quick chargers to fully charge it again within about an hour.

Tip: With a second battery, you can ensure endlessly long runtimes. While one battery is charging, the second can be used to continue cleaning.


FLEXPOWER MULTI-DEVICE BATTERY 20V/4AH – lasting even longer!

This power pack is the performance leader in the Trotec Flexpower portfolio. Those who are not fully satisfied with 20 V of power alone can further benefit from the substantially increased endurance of this prime battery. A charging capacity of 4 Ah enables device runtimes increased by the multiplier factor 1.5 – as compared to standard batteries with only 1.5 Ah – and, mind you, the operating time is still twice as long as that of our Flexpower batteries with 2 Ah.

Less time is required for the charging process, seeing as this prime battery can be recharged to 100 % with the quick charger in only 90 minutes.

The Flexpower multi-device battery 20 V / 4 Ah can also be used in combination with the hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10-20V and other Trotec power tools.

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