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Assembly work tents for groundwork operations of cable network operators

Translucent material enables safe working

In order to perform electrical work weatherproof workspaces are required for the installation of copper-cored or fibre optic cables. For this the fitter first and foremost needs adequate lighting, so he can differentiate the cable colours and connect them correctly. Due to their lightfast material, all assembly work tents of the Trotec Group are suited for use by cable network operators.

Whether tents with pitched or flat roof – Trotec work tents are ideally suited for manifold applications during the expansion of the cable network that require protection against the rain and cold: E.g. earth- and connection works such as installing a socket or connecting fibre optic cables in trays. Maintenance work on control boxes can also be effected with weather protection.

Lightfast material ensures the confident identification of colours inside

For electricians to perform installation, maintenance and assembly work safely and without tiring, the specific light characteristics of the polyester cloth are particularly advantageous. The material only marginally absorbs daylight and is not prone to colour distortion. This enables the unproblematic recognition and differentiation of multi-coloured wire looms. The material is not only lightfast, but also water-repellent, i.e. it does not gain weight or sag in the rain. The sophisticated, self-supporting construction with fibre glass rods provides further stability.

Yet another advantage: quick one-man erection for one-man assignments

Besides translucence our assembly work tents feature further benefits for the application in the cable network expansion: All formats can be folded up in a trice and stored away conveniently. This applies as much to the assembly work tents of the TE series with pitched roof as to the flat-roofed tents of the K and KE series. The latter can be distinguished by the shape of the door: The K series' opening is achieved via one zip and takes a triangular shape. The three zip fasteners of the KE series, by contrast, enable a spacious rectangular doorway. But regardless of whether you are using a TE, K or KE tent: The zippers are always concealed and thus protected from the rain. Pitching and taking down can be accomplished in a matter of seconds and by one person only. This way, a maintenance engineer can independently check whether everything is in order inside the control box or an electrician can connect fibre optic cables likewise without needing a colleague and still be well protected.

Further application examples for assembly tents

  • Protected welding in track construction

    If welding work is due on the tracks of a railway line, the workers need a quick-to-pitch tent, which has to enable safe and, even more importantly, one-man fastening. They have to be able to rely on the welding tent to withstand high temperatures and to provide shelter against wind and rain. This is exactly what the track construction work tent 250x180 KE-R has to offer.

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