Dehumidification in fertilizer storage facilities

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Durable quality: Dehumidification in fertilizer storage facilities

A high humidity level is a great enemy of hygroscopic goods such as fertilizers. Using the high-performance desiccant dehumidifiers from Trotec, an optimum climate can be guaranteed in storage facilities.

The production of hygroscopic materials in the chemical industry requires intuition and sure instincts. After all, the substances love water and readily absorb the moisture contained in the ambient air. And this can have disastrous economic consequences. As it binds water, the material starts sticking together and clumping, and may become unusable in the worst case. One example are fertilizers. If the humidity level in the fertilizer storage facility is too high, the fertilizer will absorb the moisture and start clumping. This is why the right climate conditions are particularly important in storage spaces. The stationary desiccant dehumidifiers of Trotec's TTR series extract moisture from the ambient air and thus protect the sensitive substances. For best product quality and high customer satisfaction: the most modern and effective technology from Trotec!

During processing, packaging and storage of hygroscopic material, constant climate conditions are indispensable. This is the only way for the manufacturer to ensure a constantly high product quality for his customers. Here, the equilibrium moisture content is of high importance. That is to say, the moisture content of the product must be in an equilibrium with the relative humidity of the ambient air. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that the hygroscopic substance does not absorb too much moisture from the air, which would ruin entire stocks. One example is the storage of fertilizers. This hygroscopic good readily absorbs moisture, which, however, quickly causes clumping and sticking. For this reason, rooms in which hygroscopic products are stored must be closed. Additionally, the storage containers must have a special coating and must not be stored near wastewater systems or groundwater. Besides logistical standards that have to be met, the technical equipment is also essential. Only by use of high-quality dehumidification systems can the products in a fertilizer storage facility be protected in a reliable manner. For such a purpose, Trotec offers a selection of high-performance dehumidifiers – for a constantly perfect material quality.  

Quality assurance

When fertilizers absorb moisture and start clumping, this is of course annoying from a visual point of view. Even worse, however, is the fact that the substance's quality declines due to the moisture absorption. Nutrient properties get lost, the storability is affected considerably, the production machines start sticking and have to be cleaned in a complex and thus cost-intensive way. Additionally, humidity also causes the growth of mould, bacteria and fungi. Such economic damage and damage to the image of a company can be prevented by using Trotec's latest dehumidification technology in fertilizer storage facilities.

Professional technology for powerful dehumidification

The desiccant dehumidifiers of Trotec's TTR series assure the quality of hygroscopic products such as fertilizers – reliably and effectively. This particular drying technology is available in two versions: either as mobile industrial desiccant dehumidifiers, which can be used flexibly whenever required, or as permanent stationary aids providing constant climate conditions in the storage spaces in continuous operation.

Durable and low-maintenance

Whether for mobile application or stationary continuous use – the models of Trotec's TTR series have several things in common: they are extremely durable, require only little maintenance and can be configured flexibly. All devices use professional technology to ensure professional quality of hygroscopic products. Particularly the stationary TTR desiccant dehumidifiers guarantee an effective permanent dehumidification with extremely high capacities – even at low dew points. The dry air volume can be adjusted steplessly. Thanks to the internal heat recovery and the high resilience of the sorption rotors, the dehumidifiers of the TTR series are among the most economical of their kind. All industrial desiccant dehumidifiers of the TTR series are developed and manufactured according to the highest of quality standards in Germany.

Using TTR dehumidifiers in fertilizer storage facilities:

  • precise dehumidification in professional quality "made in Germany" to prevent the material from clumping and sticking together
  • safeguarding the high quality of the hygroscopic good
  • equipped with manifold functions and extensive features as standard
  • powerful and robust models for stationary and mobile use
  • low-maintenance and space-saving construction  
  • best value-for-money ratio

Expert advice included

The specialist staff of the Trotec industrial services team helps you to determine your equipment requirements. The experts will be pleased to receive your project request and discuss the technical requirements with you on site.

Upon request, we also produce customized desiccant dehumidifiers as special models

Upon request, we will readily produce tailor-made desiccant dehumidifiers as special models “made in Germany” perfectly geared to your needs, e.g.:

  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers with hygienic design
  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers for PWIS-free dry air
  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers with extremely low dew point

Makes use of the possibility of having special models with tailored components for your individual needs planned, designed and manufactured in close consultation with our specialists.
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