Trotec conveying fans TTV 3000 and TTV 1500
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High-performance TTV conveying fans

The economic solution for fast and easy ventilation and air transport

Whether you need fresh air supply in poorly ventilated rooms or ventilation during channel construction or welding – wherever large volumes of air are to be circulated moderately, quickly and easily under not too harsh conditions, the axial conveying fans TTV 1500 and TTV 3000 take to it like a duck to water. Just set up, switch on, all done!

This combination of fan and air hose is easy to install so these units are universal air conveyors for variable suction and delivery use. If required, a dust bag can also be connected for dust extraction.

Since there are hose connectors on both the blow-out and the suction side, the conveying fans TTV 1500 and TTV 3000 are ideal for long-distance supportive air transport in air conditioning and heating applications with several connected hoses.

To boost the air current, the units are simply installed as links between two hoses.

Space-saving solution: The compact and robust TTV conveying fans can be stored, used and transported in stacks of multiple units.

Trotec conveying fan TTV 1500
Trotec conveying fans TTV 3000 and TTV 1500
Trotec conveying fan TTV 3000
TTV conveying fans can be stacked to save space.

A few practical benefits:

  • Development, design, production: 100 % Trotec
  • Hose connectors on blow-out and suction side
  • Robust housing made of polyethylene
  • Stackable for storage and transport to save space
  • Perfect for many typical ventilation applications
  • Connection option for a dust bag intended for dust extraction
  • Practice-optimised German industrial design – protected design patent

Technical data by comparison

All conveying fans of the TTV series in direct comparison:

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