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PlanoPT – patented connection feedthrough underneath doors
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With PlanoPT, virtually all doors are open to you

Benefit from the unique possibility provided to you now by being able to utilise installation paths that have been denied to you so far without PlanoPT

The patented PlanoPT allows to pass cables through underneath doors

When using professional split air conditioners, a connection line between the internal unit and the external heat exchanger can be installed.

With a conventional installation so far the question has always been:
Which is the best way of laying the connecting line from inside to outside?

Sometimes it helps to use intermediate ceilings, but usually the connecting line is laid in half-closed doors, tilted windows or other openings which are not only problematic from an energetic point of view but also with regard to matters of safety.

The clever solution: PlanoPT connection feedthrough

PlanoPT, which is exclusively available only at Trotec, allows to quickly and easily install the connection sets underneath doors between the internal and external unit of all air conditioners PT from Trotec.

For this purpose, quick-lock couplings, plugs for the power line and condensate hose connection as well as earth connections on both sides of the PlanoPT are provided. For older existing models of the PT 4500 W or PT 6500 W type, an adapter cable for the mains connection can be additionally supplied.

The flow design of the watertight multi-chamber system has been optimized specifically for the flow rates of PT air conditioners and – despite the centre section's height of only 6 millimetres – it guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted pass-through without counter-pressure.

Owing to its particularly flat centre section the PlanoPT can be installed under virtually any common type of internal or external door. The PlanoPT does not affect the closing characteristics. Consequently, external doors of functional rooms, for instance, can remain closed and locked.

The PlanoPT connection feedthrough can be practically installed underneath all common interior and exterior doors

With PlanoPT, the connecting lines can be easily laid directly through many common exterior doors, which remain lockable nevertheless.
Direct and time-saving installation
PlanoPT can also be used for the installation underneath fire protection doors – perfect for the air conditioning of halls, for instance.
Can also be used for the installation underneath fire protection doors
It is also possible to use roller shutters for installing the connection sets using one or several PlanoPT. In this process, the roller shutters can be closed as usual.
With PlanoPT, roller shutters can be easily provided with connection feedthroughs
Even larger event spaces without a conventional installation access for the connecting lines required can be air-conditioned continuously by the use of PlanoPT.
PlanoPT even allows the air conditioning of rooms without a conventional installation access
With the passage underneath using PlanoPT, the doors can remain closed, so that the connections to the night closure do not have to be dismounted and the air conditioners can remain active around the clock, if required.
With the passage underneath, the doors can remain closed
In order to provide for a connection that is as short as possible between the external units and the internal units, naturally also interior doors can be optionally provided with a passage underneath using PlanoPT, so that they can remain closed, if necessary.
PlanoPT is suitable for interior and exterior doors
With PlanoPT, the connection feedthrough underneath doors, the connection sets of the PT air conditioners can be quickly and easily interconnected underneath doors. The connection sets of the PT models are optionally also available in a length of 5 m and can be flexibly combined with the 10 m lines to an overall length of 30 m.
PlanoPT installation diagram
The centre section of the PlanoPT has a height of only 6 mm
The exceptional PlanoPT is exclusively available only at Trotec

A few practical benefits:

  • Professional quality "made in Germany" – originally produced by Trotec
  • Ultra-compact design with the centre section being no higher than 6 mm to permit flexible connections passing underneath doors
  • Completely ready-to-connect for a quick installation of PT connection lines
  • With the passage underneath, the doors can remain closed
  • Robust, flow-optimized construction
  • Watertight multi-chamber system


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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 350
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 270
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 50
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 2
  (packaging included) [kg] 18.5

 standard equipment

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