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For DIY enthusiasts:

How to create a protection zone for classic cars and collector's vehicles.

Too humid, too dry, too cold, too warm. Too poor insulation, too good insulation – it still has to be invented: the ideal garage. There are countless hazards such as corrosion, mould etc. in a garage only waiting for classic cars and collector's vehicles. Fortunately, modern technology provides you with a vast number of options to face these natural issues.

Climate control:

A humidity value of roughly 50% is ideal for vehicles in a garage, anything else can lead to problems – which can nevertheless be confronted with state-of-the-art technical solutions.

But how do you know which climatic conditions prevail in your garage? Just find out using these measuring devices:

Quick temperature and humidity measurement:

Reliable measurement of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide content: CO2 air quality monitor BZ25 with illuminated display, alarm function in case of a too high CO2 content in the garage's ambient air. Permanent acquisition and storage of humidity and temperature data: Data loggers for convenient and space-saving wall installation.

Trotec thermohygrometers and data loggers


Ionisation of the air:

Our odour neutralisers' active oxygen eliminates bad smells and ensures the oxidative decomposition of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould. This way, they can no longer harm your vehicle.

Plasma field ionizer for odour neutralisation and the absorption of unwelcome microorganisms

Air purification:

Air contaminated with pollutants such as acid exhaust fumes, soot, smoke particles or fine particulates is neither beneficial for you nor your car's interior. Our air purification systems reliably filter these pollutants from the room air and so help to preserve textiles, leather, upholstery and rubber seals.



A vehicle's number one enemy is humidity. But you can quickly find a remedy: using a dehumidifier. Intelligent appliances even determine the current room humidity level and react by switching on or off, as needed.

Dehumidifiers with integrated thermostat – as mobile solution or permanently installed wall-mounted device

By the way: On request, we also offer consultation and installation services regarding stationary condenser dryers suitable for wall mounting. Give us a call:

+49 2452 962-777


Too low humidity values can also give your car a hard time. Especially in the months of winter, the humidity level occasionally drops to critical minimum values, which can cause elastic vehicle parts such as cables, rubber components or leather to dry out and embrittle. Trotec humidifiers are hygrostat-controlled and switch on automatically before there is an imminent danger.

All-electronically controlled humidifier

Heating devices:

A constant temperature is important to protect the materials of your car. If your garage is unheated, mobile heaters can provide the remedy.

Smart technology even enables devices to automatically switch on or off, as required by the (preferred) room temperature.

Electric heating devices for condensation-free warmth without oxygen consumption