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Pro Module 1 – Your number 1 for all measurements

Everything included from leak detection to building and mould diagnostics – ideal for experts

MultiMeasure Studio Professional features a LiveLog function enabling an automatic collection of measurement data from compatible devices directly during the measurement. This comes in handy for on-site matrix measurements with a Windows tablet or laptop, for instance.
LiveLog function

Measuring projects, customer data, documentations – everything centrally organised in one application.

Using the Pro Module 1 of MultiMeasure Studio Professional experts do not only benefit from the possibility of direct measurement data read-out and graphic evaluation of all compatible measuring devices, they can also manually record and evaluate data from other devices – and all of that, plus customer data administration, included in one application.

Even the results of purely imaging methods can be integrated effectively – after all, it is the final result that counts. Here, the Pro Module 1 can score with its unique report generating function: it contains pre-formulated boilerplate texts for all methods used in the area of building diagnostics, which makes professional report generation faster and easier than ever before.


Plus extra modules for documentation of mould damage

As the number of mould damages in buildings does not only increase in the public perception, more and more experts offer professional damage analysis as part of their standard scope of services. At the same time, however, a uniform standard for assessment and documentation was missing. Now, MultiMeasure Studio Professional can finally close this gap.

Working in close dialogue with many experts, we have elaborated systematically comprehensive boilerplate texts for mould diagnostic examinations and integrated them into the Pro Module 1.

This way, you have a universally usable standard reference for the assessment and documentation of mould damage at your disposal. Ranging from contact sampling to disclaimer, the Pro Module 1 contains basically all boilerplate texts required for a fast and professional generation of your mould reports.

Measurement data can be easily read out and evaluated graphically, entire measuring projects can be managed and impressive reports can be created in next to no time thanks to a comprehensive template library. All project data can also be exchanged easily between subsidiaries or colleagues if required.
Extensive measurement data analysis

Even the results of purely imaging methods can be effectively integrated into MultiMeasure Studio Professional. Whether thermography or optical inspection – the report library of the Pro Module 1 contains text blocks for all methods used in the area of building diagnostics.
Perfectly suited for purely imaging measurement methods
Especially for assessing damage in buildings caused by mould spores, the Pro Module 1 was additionally extended with numerous text blocks and thus enables a standardized documentation of mould damages.
Extra text blocks specifically created for documenting mould damage
The integrated report generating function including a comprehensive template library and intelligent linking of measurement and customer data allows you to generate impressively professional reports in next to no time.
Unique report generating function

Its comprehensive template library makes the Pro Module 1 the ideal solution for building expert – it contains numb text blocks for all relevant measurement methods:

  • Capacitive moisture measurement
  • Resistance measurement method
  • Microwave measurement
  • Hygrometric examinations
  • Endoscopy and pipe camera inspection
  • Dye analysis
  • Gas detection method
  • Audio frequency and correlation analysis
  • Thermography and IR thermometers
  • Potential difference measurements
  • Flue gas method
  • Anemometer
  • CM measurement method
  • Contact sampling (mould diagnosis)


Software MultiMeasure Studio Pro-Modul 1 für Leckortung, Bauwerks und Schimmeldiagnostik show in Trotec online shop

Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 3.510.204.011
Basic functions
  Software update function (online)
  Firmware update (online)* for compatible devices
  Data read-out of compatible devices
  Number of storable measurements unlimited
  Evaluation of measuring projects with chart function
  Combined customer and measurement data management
  Backup function
  Export function for entire measuring projects
  Import function for entire measuring projects
  Export function to Excel
  Automated report generation
  Matrix evaluation for compatible devices
  Boilerplate text update function (online) *
Included boilerplate texts
  Boilerplate text package Leak detection and building diagnostics
  Boilerplate text package Mould diagnosis
  Boilerplate text package Climate and moisture measurement
  Boilerplate text package Water damage restoration
  Boilerplate text package Construction drying
  Complementary function for individual boilerplate texts
  Data synchronization with MQDatamonitor
  LiveLog function for compatible devices
Matrix evaluation for compatible devices
  Surface representation
  Optional contour representation
  Available colour schemes unlimited
  Freely definable colours
Manual input of measured values
  Matrix unlimited
  X-Y diagram unlimited
Device compatibility
  T3000 multifunction measuring meter with all SDI sensors
  T210 hygrometer
  T260 IR thermometer
  T510 wood and building moisture measuring device
  T610 material moisture measuring device
  T660 material moisture measuring device
  DL200 (H, D, L, P, X) data loggers
  BL30 data logger
  Trotec measuring devices to be launched*
System requirements
  Supported operating systems Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 10 32/64 bit
  Supported languages EN, EN, FR, TR, DA, NL, IT, FI, PL, SE
  Notes (*) All updates included for 12 months, afterwards only with optional maintenance licence
Standard scope of delivery
Standard scope of delivery

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available