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Detecting sources of noise

Determine the noise level before you know it. The Trotec sound level meters enable a quick and reliable noise measurement at home, at the workplace and in the industry.

Noise causes illness, in many places. It may be the noise and high acoustic pressure in the office, but also in a factory or on a building site, which poses a health hazard for the employees. But there are also sources of noise near the place of residence or during leisure time, which can be detrimental to human health.

To be able to take action against this emission and to create a detailed sound analysis within the framework of occupational safety or in private life, sound levels have to be determined and recorded as precisely as possible. For this a professional sound level meter is needed. Trotec provides two device versions for a reliable noise measurement:

The sound level meter BS06 is first and foremost suited for detecting sources of noise in the building trade or private sector. The sound level meter SL300 on the other hand is ideal for workplace measurements in the industry and for the creation of reports.

Benefit from the best technology – 100 per cent Trotec!

Trotec sound level meters can be used in next to no time. They guarantee a quick and precise application for the noise measurement – even in rough surroundings and poor lighting conditions.

These are your perfect aids for a professional sound analysis: