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Cordless sabre saw PRCS 10-20V
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Cordless sabre saw PRCS 10‑20V

The cordless sabre saw with a high-performance 20V/2Ah Flexpower multi-device battery designed by Trotec – for a variety of materials and high-profile cuts

Carrying out sawing tasks professionally and efficiently

A water pipe protruding from the wall, the seasonal pruning, shredding plywood or cutting boards to size – construction sites, the garden and household offer a variety of sawing tasks that can be carried out especially comfortably with a cordless sabre saw.

No matter if you want to perform straight or curved cuts, plunge-cutting, or saw off protruding pipes so that they are flush: The compact and robust cordless sabre saw PRCS 10‑20V (also referred to as a tiger saw, recipro saw or electric ripsaw) with its corresponding saw blades is perfectly suited for sawing plastics and building material as well as wood and metal. 

Durable battery power – compatible with many other Trotec battery tools

The powerful and durable 20V/2Ah lithium-ion battery provides for a durable and constantly high sawing capacity, even when the battery is low. At the push of a button the 3-stage battery level indication integrated in the housing displays the battery status – even if the battery is not connected to the device. By using the quick charger included in the scope of delivery a completely discharged battery will again be ready for use after 1 hour. The 20V/2Ah Flexpower multi-device battery of the PRCS 10‑20V can also be used with other Trotec power tools. In addition, a matching additional battery can be obtained from Trotec.

Guide shoe adjustable without tools with a 30° inclination

The flexible guide shoe of the sabre saw adapts to the workpiece surface with an inclination of up to 30°. In order to make optimum use of the saw blade length and to accurately adjust the respective cutting depth, the guide shoe can be set to the desired length without having to use any tools. The cutting depth for wood with the PRCS 10‑20V is up to 100 mm, for metal it is 8 mm, and for aluminium it is 10 mm. Furthermore, the guide shoe can be fully removed, e.g. in order to make the blade exchange even easier.

Stroke adjustment suiting the material

In order to allow you to reliably saw any material, you can steplessly adjust the stroke rate – i.e. the speed of the saw blade movements –  between 0 and 3,000rpm even during operation via the on/off switch: light pressure for a light stroke, full pressure for the full stroke rate. Easy and intuitive!

With these you'll get through with anything

On-demand pendulum stroke

If necessary, you can optimize your sawing work by an additional pendulum movement of the saw blade of 20 mm. This is especially reasonable if you wish your work progress to be fast. Stage 1 (pendulum movement on) is especially suitable for soft materials and for sawing wood in grain direction. For processing of very thin materials and if the cutting edges are to be fine and clean, however, we recommend switching the pendulum stroke off (stage 0). 

Saw blade exchange without the need for tools

Owing to the user-friendly quick-action chuck, the saw blades can be changed in no time without any additional tools. One HCS wood saw blade (6 TPI) is already included in the scope of delivery. Of course, all ½” and S -shank universal saw blades for wood and metal as well as flexible bimetal saw blades for flush sawing go with this saw. The matching accessories offered to you by Trotec are 3 multi-piece sabre saw blade sets for a variety of different materials and requirements.

Safety first

The ergonomic U -shaped design of the handle, the rubberized soft grip inlays and the hand protection termination in the front area provide for safe, non-slip hold and strong, precise performance of the cuts. Owing to its optimum weight-size ratio, the PRCS 10‑20V features ideal handling properties in every working position. In order to provide protection against injuries, e.g. by accidental switch-on, the cordless sabre saw is equipped with a switch lock. The transport case supplied makes it possible to safely and easily carry along the power tools and their accessories, or to store them in a dust-proof place.

Convenience and performance are the compelling features

To cut a long story short: If cordless performance, high precision and pleasant comfort are important features you wish to have for your sawing tasks, the cordless sabre saw PRCS 10‑20V from Trotec is most definitely the right choice for you. Now let’s get to work – the next task is already at hand!

Special equipment features of the PRCS 10‑20V

PRCS 10-20V – complete scope of delivery
Powerful and strong with 20V/2Ah Flexpower multi-device battery and up to 3,000 rpm for a variety of materials and high-profile cuts. The cordless sabre saw is delivered with a 1h quick charger, a handy transport case and an HCS wood saw blade (6 TPI).
PRCS 10-20V – quick-action chuck
The quick-action chuck allows to change the saw blade within seconds and without any tools. The tool holder is suitable for saw blades with a standard S shank or a 1/2” universal shank.
PRCS 10-20V – safety switch
The safety switch which can be directly reached with the thumb prevents unintentional switch-on. Via the start button, the stroke rate can be steplessly adjusted and therefore adapted intuitively to the material that is currently to be sawed.
PRCS 10-20V – guide shoe
To adapt the desired plunging depth you can simply adjust the length of the guide shoe – and without tools, too. Additionally it can be tilted up to 30° so that it can adapt flexibly to the material surface.
PRCS 10-20V – pendulum stroke
By means of the selector switch, a pendulum movement of the saw blade of 20 mm can be added. Stage 1 (pendulum movement on) enables a faster work progress in softer materials. Stage 0 (pendulum movement off) is ideal for fine and clean cut edges.
PRCS 10-20V – soft grip
The large rubberized grip area with finger guard at the front allows for an extra firm and secure grip in every working situation. In this way, your hands are optimally protected and you can still securely hold the powerful saw close to the blade and guide it with precision.
PRCS 10-20V – Flexpower battery
With the quick charger, the powerful lithium-ion battery is charged again within one hour. At the push of a button the illuminated three-stage LED display in the housing of the Flexpower multi-device battery indicates the current battery status – even if the battery is not connected to the device. The 20V/2Ah Flexpower multi-device battery is also compatible with other Trotec battery tools.
PRCS 10-20V – U -shaped handle
The U -shaped control handle with soft grip inserts and the overall well-balanced device geometry of the cordless sabre saw PRCS 10‑20V supports optimum handling and fatigue-free working in every working position.

Suitable for sawing all common building materials
Combined with the corresponding saw blade the PRCS 10‑20V is suited for sawing all common building materials. This includes not only wood but also plastics, composite materials or metal which can be cut up without any difficulty, e.g. to cut pipes or profiles to length.
Rubber front shaft with finger guard
With the PRCS 10‑20V accurate cuts can be accomplished without difficulty in two-hand operation. At the end of the shaft the sabre saw is additionally equipped with a guard to keep your fingers from slipping, that way you can also safely hold and guide the sabre saw by the rubber front handle close to the saw blade.
Sawing close to the edge is not a problem
With the PRCS 10‑20V, even sawing close to the edge is not a problem. An elastic bimetal saw blade which is optionally available makes it possible, for instance, to saw off protruding water pipes directly at the wall so that they are flush.
Plunge cutting made easy
The adjustable guide shoe of the PRCS 10‑20V allows for a precise adjustment of the plunging depth, and also the inclination angle can be adjusted by up to 30° to the workpiece surface.
Sabre saws

All Sabre saws in direct comparison:

To find the Sabre saw which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all Sabre saws from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • Flexpower multi-device battery 20V 2.0 Ah – can be flexibly combined with other cordless 20V tools designed by Trotec
  • Material-specific working by stepless stroke control directly via switch button
  • On-demand pendulum stroke
  • Guide shoe that can be adjusted without any tools and that can be inclined by 30°
  • Quick-release chuck for a tool-free saw blade exchange in a matter of seconds
  • U-shaped control handle with soft grip inlays
  • Rubberized grip area at the front for extra firm grip
  • Perfectly balanced size-to-weight ratio for optimum handling
  • Suitable for commercially available S-shank saw blades or 1/2” universal shanks
  • Including a quick charger (1h), HCS wood saw blade (6 TPI) and transport case

All important features at a glance

Allowing flexible combinations – one battery suitable for many devices
Lithium-ion battery with 2 Ah capacity
Quick charger – only 1 hour of charging required
Idle speed 0 to 3,000 rpm
Reciprocating movement of the saw blade
Stroke rate control via trigger
Universally applicable with S-shank saw blades
No additional tools required
Cutting depth can be adjusted via the guide shoe
Three-stage battery status indicator
Saw blade exchange without the need for tools
Soft grip for improved handling
Start lock for working safely
Cordless operation
Including transport case

Compelling value-for-money ratio

Sabre saws of the PRCS series

When choosing a sabre saw, so far, basically you only had two options: either good but expensive, or mainly cheap.

With the Trotec PowerTools you can now make a clever decision: good and low-priced at the same time. For we do not only stand for brand quality where measuring devices and air conditioners are concerned, but also when it comes to power tools: professional Trotec solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!

With 850W, the handy PRCS 10‑850 sabre saw provides an alternative as a genuine all-rounder for a variety of sawing applications.

Accessory tips:

Demolition set, 5-piece

Demolition set for wood/metal, 5-piece

• 2 x for wood and metal (5/8 TPI, 6", BIM)
• 2 x for metal (8/10 TPI, 6", BIM)
• 1 x for wood and metal (5/8 TPI, 9", BIM)
• All saw blades with S-shank / 1/2” universal holder

Carbon steel set, 10-piece

Carbon steel set, 10-piece

• 2 x for wood with nails and metal (18 TPI, 6", BIM)
• 2 x for wood and plastics (10 TPI, 6", CS)
• 4 x for wood and plastics (6 TPI, 6", CS)
• 2 x for wood and plastics (6 TPI, 8", CS)
• All saw blades with S-shank / 1/2” universal holder

Sabre saw blade set, 12-piece

Sabre saw blade set set, 12-piece

• 3 x for wood with nails (6 TPI, 6", BIM)
• 2 x for metal (14 TPI, 6", BIM)
• 3 x for metal (18 TPI, 9", BIM)
• 3 x for wood with nails (6 TPI, 9", BIM)
• 1 x for wood and metal (5/8 TPI, 9", BIM)
• All saw blades with S-shank / 1/2” universal holder

Flexpower multi-device battery 20V / 2.0 Ah

Additional battery for a variety of 20V cordless power tools designed by Trotec. The high-quality, powerful and durable lithium-ion battery offers a constantly high performance to the end and is provided with a 3-stage LED battery level indicator.


Akku-Säbelsäge PRCS 10-20V inkl. Akku und Ladegerät show in Trotec online shop

Akku-Säbelsäge PRCS 10‑20V inkl. Akku und Ladegerät

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 4.431.000.110
Technical data
  Stroke rate at no load (combined) 0 - 3.000 min-1
  Stroke [mm] 20
  Max. cutting depth (wood) [mm] 100
  Max. cutting depth (aluminium) [mm] 10
  Max. cutting depth (metal) [mm] 8
Electrical values
  Protection class III
Sound values according to EN 62841
  Sound pressure level [dB(A)] 83.28
  Sound power level [dB(A)] 94.28
  Uncertainty (K) [dB] 3
Vibration information according to EN 62841
  Vibration emission value (ah) Boards [m/s²] 15.55
  Uncertainty (K) Boards [m/s²] 1.5
  Vibration emission value (ah) Wooden beam [m/s²] 14.53
  Uncertainty (K) Wooden beam [m/s²] 1.5
Electrical values battery
  Battery nominal voltage [V] 20
  Battery capacity [Ah] 2
  Capacity indication 3-stage
  Battery type Li-ion
  Battery charging time [h] 1
  Mains connection 230 - 240 V, 50 Hz
  Output voltage [V] 21.5
  Power input [W] 65
  Nominal current consumption [mA] 2,400
  Connection plug CEE 7/16
  Cable length [m] 1.5
  Protection class II
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 390
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 80
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 180
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 2.4
Equipment, features and functions
Functions and features
  Infinitely variable speed control (on/off switch)
  Continuous operation
  Speed control during continuous operation
  Soft start
  Tool-free exchange of accessories
  Universal holder / S-shank fitting
  Guide shoe adjustable without tools
  Guide shoe can be inclined by 30°
  LED light

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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